“How Do I Get MelCancerVac®?”

In order to be released to the general consumer and comply with regulations, medical drugs must undergo years upon years of testing and clinical trials.

However, due to a collaboration between DanDrit Biotech USA, Inc. and myTomorrows, patients with colorectal cancer can obtain DanDrit’s MelCancerVac, even as the drug continues to undergo clinical trials and has yet to be released on the consumer market.

How It Works

myTomorrows provide so-called “Fast Track Treatments”. They describe how this is relevant to patients with colorectal cancer:

The Anticancer Fund, an international partner organization, made a convenient guide for patients with colorectal cancer about the diagnosis and today’s treatments in cooperation with the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).

Unfortunately today’s treatments aren’t effective for everyone, so the search for better treatments continues.

This is where Fast Track Treatments come into the picture:

myTomorrows helps you to start such a Fast Track Treatment. First of all we arrange that drug developers make their promising medicine available via myTomorrows. As soon as we’re able to offer a Fast Track Treatment to patients, we inform you about this on our website. We always comply with official procedures. This means your doctor has to prescribe the medicine to you and has to submit a request for approval to the regulatory authorities.

Sign up here for myTomorrows and explore your opportunity to obtain our MelCancerVac product to treat colorectal cancer.