Strategic Alliances

Alliance Strategy

DanDrit has built a strong pipeline of dendritic-cell-based cancer therapies, currently addressing 40% of all cancer-related deaths. DanDrit intends to work with strategic partners to strengthen the in-house pipeline. DanDrit controls key technologies with relevance outside our core business area and these we may out-license or co-develop with suitable partners. Strategic Alliances strengthen DanDrit’s pipeline and generate new collaborations and revenues.


Medicon Valley 2008—Future Partnering Strategies. Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2008, Karl Simpson.

Download (.pdf).

DanDrit is seeking partnerships in the following areas:

We have developed methods to generate tolerance-promoting dendritic cells for use in the treatment of autoimmune disease (see description in our R&D section.

Licensing-in: Technologies relevant to our core dendritic cell cancer therapy business

We would welcome contacts from academic or commercial partners who wish to out-license technologies that may strengthen our core business in cancer therapeutics. These might relate to novel cancer antigens, dendritic cell characterization or related immune technologies.

Joint Ventures

Dendritic-cell therapies and relevant technologies

DanDrit may be interested in co-developing aspects of relevant technologies that correspond to in-house needs and partners’ goals. These partnerships might occur on a one-to-one basis, or a consortium approach might be considered for a relevant knowledge platform.